Welcome to The American English Academy.  Here you will find exciting comprehensive online instruction in the English language.

We are able to offer instruction in English to individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Our program is broken into the following levels:


Level One

This level is designed for the student with little or no background in English.

Our primary focus is on conversational skills, commonly used words or phrases, greetings, writing simple sentences, using simple tenses, and basic grammar.

Grammar lessons consist of basic syntax, tense usage, and common adverbs/adjectives.

Listening and speaking skills are also emphasized in order to develop the ability to use English in everday situations.


Level Two

This level is designed for students with basic proficiency in English. To begin at this level, students should be able to compose simple sentences and write on a level using description and narration.

Students will begin to develop a stronger sense of sectence structure and a larger vocabulary.

Students will also engage in more real-world English speaking and conversation building, learn to write with accuracy, and improve use of grammar mechanics.

Additionally, students will learn about American idioms, films, current events, and culture as platforms for discussions.


Level Three

This level is for students who have a strong knowledge of English grammar and composition.

This levels focuses on advanced paragraph development, essay composition, complex vocabulary and reading comprehension.


Level Four

This level is the most advanced, and is designed for students who are comfortable speaking English in most settings, but require more instruction in essay development and reading comprehension.

By the end of this level, students should be able to write a well-organized five paragraph essay with a clear thesis statement.

Critial thinking will be explored in order to analyze readings, conduct research, and compose complex essays.

This level also places emphasis on clarity of pronunciation.


 Online Format

Our class sessions are conducted online using Skype, a software system that facilitates voice and video conferencing.

Skype also allows the easy uploading and downloading of text, image, and audio files.

When using this system, it is recommended that the student has a headset with a built-in microphone. Your computer should also have in internal or external video camera.

Students can download and use Skype for class session free of charge. The program can be downloaded at www.skype.com


We offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of the modern student. Sessions are available Monday thru Thursday between 9AM and 10PM, EDT. Friday sessions are offered between 9AM and 5PM, EDT.

Each student will have two twenty-five minute sessions per week for six weeks.



Level One: $300.00

Level Two: $325.00

Level Three: $350.00

Level Four: $375.00


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